Amsterdam Event Corporate Photography

Amsterdam Event Corporate Photography

Libia Arteaga is a Amsterdam event Corporate photographer with 6 years of experience. She has covered amsterdam events as: DS Fashion week, tech workshops, corporate conferences, corporate anniversary, , tech conferences, sign of autographs, and many other different events.

Amsterdam Event | Corporate Photography, Why you need a professional photographer for your event? Your website and your portfolio is always the representation of your business, if you hired an amateur professional will be the representation of your business and people will not take you serious.

I have experience in open events, close events, low light events, I am a natural light photographer and in case of flash needed will be always in my camera bag pack, I do carry with me always 2 cameras and different lense to provide you the best quality

Amsterdam Event | Corporate Photography

Amsterdam is a beautiful rich and artistic place, is a city that inspire many of us to create beautiful things! If you are looking for a professional photographer for your company! do not look at the cheapest one, Get the best photographer that you can have! That will be your branding company and the first impression of the media, Choose right.

Here some steps to look for a good Event photographer, Ask examples and galleries of themself, unfortunately many photographers are scams and show photos that are not from themself. Ask the registration of their KVK (Kamer van Koophandel) This means they are not illegal photographers, Check the reviews on internet, if they do not have a reviews or they are bad will likely means or they are amateurs or they are not really professionals.

Because your carrier deserves to have the best portraits

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